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Measuring Neck Size

You want it to fit well, don't you? Then please read this! :)

We size our products by the dog's neck size, because buckles can be different sizes. So our products are adjustable to fit the neck sizes we list. Therefore, to measure properly, don't measure a current collar tip-to-tip, that is NOT your dog's neck size.

For the most accurate measurement (especially important for a custom big dog paracord collar), wrap a flexible (sewing type, not rigid metal) tape measure, or ribbon or string (just nothing that stretches like elastic) around your dog's neck while standing, and tighten it where and how you would like the collar to fit, noting the point of overlap with a marker. You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers inside the collar, snug but not too tight or too loose, so it will not pull off over the dog's ears/head when fastened. Then lay the ribbon/string against a tape measure or yard stick and measure to the mark you made. This is your dog's actual neck size, which you should use when ordering our products.

How To Measure: Method 2
How To Measure: this example shows a 19.5" neck size


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